I am often asked what the best luggage is for travel as my clients are amazed that I am able to travel for weeks with one efficient carry-on bag. This has become even more important with the introduction of fees for checked baggage as many travelers are now attempting to get everything they need into their carry-on luggage. 

For the past several years I have been using my trusty reddish four-wheeled ProtecA (right) which I bought at a luggage shop in the arcade at the Imperial Hotel, Tokyo. I paid about $350 USD for it at the time which I felt was on the high side, but I needed a new piece of luggage immediately

Eagle Creek has been one of my favorite luggage brands for many years. I was pleased to find that the Eagle Creek Tarmac 22 was at the top of many review lists and available for only $195.00 USD. On the high end is Tumi Alpha Frequent Traveler 22 Zippered Expandable at a price of $595.00 USD.

The right bag is very important to ensure a safe and efficient trip and in my TOKU10 Luggage Review I preview my TOP 4 in the carry-on category.


In addition to carrying a jar of peanut butter on each of my trips (it came in mighty handy for nutrition and made me a local celebrity when getting stuck in a snowstorm while traveling from Amdo to Lhasa by bus back in the 1980s) I like to carry a variety of snacks to carry me over from meal to meal. I found this sleek and very functional thermos designed by Arian Brekveld which has an insulted top and twist-off bottom. Did I hear Cheerios in the morning?

Fresh Traveler

Yogurt with fresh fruit or crispy cereals, delicious but inconvenient when you're on the move. Royal VKB's Fresh Traveler allows you to transport your cereal or fruit separately from your drink and mix them whenever and wherever you like for a healthy breakfast, lunch or snack. The double-wall stainless steel bottle keeps your yogurt or drink chilled. Your food stays tasty and crispy in the plastic container underneath.

Material: Stainless Steel + Plastic

Dimensions: 3.3" x 3.7" - 14 fl/oz

Price: $45.00 USD

I found the Fresh Traveler at Gessato which is one of my favorite online retailers for men's goods.


I love children and have worked with families around the globe as they pursue the ultimate travel experience. Traveling with infants can be a challenge, but Bugaboo's Baby Bag makes all the organized chaos look orderly and glamorous.

(bugaboo)RED bag

Go and spread the word about (PRODUCT)RED with this special collection (BUGABOO)RED bag. Bugaboo is contributing 1% of total revenue to The Global Fund to help eliminate AIDS in Africa. Bugaboo’s self- standing carryall in leather makes it easy to go anywhere you want with everything you need. With clever storage, a changing mat, and two removable, insulated thermal compartments it can go with you through childhood and beyond. To order direct from Bugaboo, just click on the picture above.

Material: Leather

Dimensions: 4.7" D x 16.1" W x 12.2" H 

Price: $230.00 USD

Last Minute Deals (120x60)


These helpful packing articles are provided by Magellan which is one of the largest travel goods supplier in the world and one of my designated partners in travel.
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