Private Journeys is my unique brand of custom crafted consulting for the discerning traveler who demands excellence. I meet privately with clients to discuss their desires and begin the development process. In some cases, I work directly with my clients' own personal travel consultants or even with a tour operator or DMC (destination management company) to create the ideal touring program. My global network of experts are immediately called to action and we collaborate on all aspects of the project. I am not a seller of travel, but rather a seller of ideas. 

Turning Information into Action

My consulting approach is plain and simple. I understand travel and from the initial meeting I determine the needs and desires of each client and answer some very important questions:
  • PROFILE - Who is traveling and where have you been before?
  • PURPOSE - Why are you traveling? R & R? Special occasion? Escape?
  • DESTINATION - Where are you going? Is this the first time?
  • DURATION - How much time do you have to travel?
  • SEASON - What time of year is your journey scheduled? 
  • MOVEMENT - How will you be traveling? Air, rail, car, ship, ferry, bicycle, foot?
  • BUDGET - How much do you want to spend?
  • LIMITATIONS - Do you have mobility issues or food restrictions?
  • INDEPENDENCE - Do you like to travel independently or with a guide?
  • INSURANCE - Do you have protection?
Once I have the answers to these basic questions, I use this client data to execute a comprehensive development program which takes the information and turns it into action. 

An Arranged Marriage in Travel 

I identify the perfect partner in travel for your destination and serve as the go-between in what I like to call an "arranged marriage in travel". I use net/net pricing modules in my pricing worksheets which gives the client the bottom line for all aspects of a traveling program. I do not receive commissions, nor do I accept kickbacks or incentives. You pay me for my time to serve as your consultant or advocate. Travel is an important life passage and it should be treated as you would another major investment. 

Once the profile has been completed and an appropriate partner selected for the destination, a private website is created and published with all parties offered full collaboration privileges. This enables everyone to "be on the same page" which is a requirement in my consulting process. Despite all the wonderful search and filtering programs available today, communication via email with lots of cc's is not optimal in this creative process. By using a project management website, all decision makers and contributors can access information 24/7 and can watch the program grow and mature all the way to departure. The best part is that it does not end there. 

Private Journeys Website - I require that everyone literally be on the same page!

Once the Private Journey begins, the website takes on a whole new role as the portal for the journey complete with trip blogs, emergency contact information, and a variety of other functions that are customized to meet the needs of each and every client. Below is a screenshot of a typical Private Journeys homepage.

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