We all love a good read while traveling. For some it must be a book bound in YES real paper. For others the new electronic readers like Kindle or the iPad are better suited for reading on the go. Whatever your fancy, books, magazines and newspapers in any shape or form are personal and intimate. I have searched actual libraries (yes they still exist and oftentimes your best source of information when planning a trip) and online to find the best of the best in travel literature. Under the header BOOKS you will find four important documents which I encourage you to download and use as a reference. They are from some of our favorite sources including National Geographic, Conde Nast, The Telegraph and World Hum. They are all in Word format so that you can add your own personal notes or even edit if you so choose.

When doing research for travel, I frequently reference magazines in both print and online. My regular reading always includes Conde Nast Traveler, Geographical, National Geographic, and Travel + Leisure. I find it rather interesting that each month one often finds the same themes across the spectrum of publications. When it becomes necessary to reach out into a new area of travel study, there are a handful of specialty magazines like Islands and Outside. One of my favorite sources for last minute information about a specific city is TimeOut which can now be found in print and also online.

I have not even mentioned newspapers! The New York Times, Los Angeles Times and most major city newspapers have wonderful travel sections full of information. Do not miss the special weekend magazines and travel supplements which offer great perspectives on destinations around the globe. In the future I will be writing a special article on the best sources of travel information in the newspaper industry, so stay tuned for more.

(Just click on the link above for a Word document that you can download for your own reference. I used a simple Word format so that you can add your own comments and edit as you wish. There are over 200 recommended books among the four lists - that's a lot of reading to keep you busy on your next journey!)
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