Connect with the Heart of Pueblo

Place is not only important, it’s more important than ever.
— Richard Florida

A new kind of art walk through the historic alleyways of Pueblo

When business owners, residents and artists in the Downtown Main Street area of the Pueblo Creative Corridor met in 2013, they decided to define the focus of their creative efforts.  After careful consideration and discussion, the first phase of economic redevelopment using the arts was limited to the [GRID] One to Five. This region was defined as the area within First Street (City Center Drive) to Fifth Street and from Santa Fe Avenue to Court Street.  The image below is the very first mapping of the area which has been used to define the original conversation.

Once the [GRID] was identified, the power and influence of the original city planning footprint of Pueblo in the 1890s became even more important as the backbone of the operation. As the founders of this new type of Art Walk continued their strolls through downtown, the original alleyways led to the creation of the 'ARTery' with an emphasis on experiencing the arts of Pueblo with wellness in mind. To compliment this new experience in the alleyways, the second half of the walk unfolded into a journey though time and history. Main Street is home to numerous buildings on the National Register of Historic Places including the Historic Federal Building at 5th and Main, the Masonic Building between 2nd & 3rd Streets and the historic Tutt Building on Central Plaza which is home to Kadoya Gallery -- making the entire experience robust in history, culture and the arts. 

Once the [GRID] was complete, the next step was submitting the walking path to the American Heart Association to be included in their database. The original founders wanted to ensure that the downtown experience was all about balancing mind, body and spirit. This new type of 'art walk' is now a National Walking Path with the American Heart Association and regular walks are planned throughout the year.

The ARTery features the convergence of street art and fine art in downtown Pueblo. The walk begins behind Bingo Burger and traverses West-East to Central Plaza (Kadoya Gallery) and across Main Street to the South-North ARTery which continues to 5th Street. Please note that when you approach 4th Street you should turn right and use the crosswalk as 4th Street is very busy and dangerous with fast moving vehicles. Once you cross 4th Street you can then turn left and continue up the ARTery north to 5th Street which is the end of the ARTery. At 5th Street turn left to Main and you will begin the tour of historical downtown Pueblo. The historic Federal Building at 5th & Main is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is home to many local artists and the 5th & Main Espresso Bar & Gallery. At 3rd & Main you will find Solar Roast which is one of Pueblo's innovative new creative industries featuring solar roasted coffee. The walk then continues south on Main Street and ends back at Central Plaza which is home to the Kadoya Gallery which is in the historic Tutt Building which is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.