Beyond the Canvas

Beyond the Canvas is a new arts initiative designed to take an iconic image from an artist's body of work and translate it into a new retail opportunity in the creative economy. The iconic piggly creatures by local Pueblo artist Nina Cravens-Fry are from her series Peppermint Pigs. Her references are as varied as the Police Department, 3 Little Pigs, When Pigs Can Fly, and Pork Pie. The entire series is about love and the beauty of the fairy tale in all of our lives. 

The first project in this Beyond the Canvas initiative was a partnership with Pueblo Cruiser Bicycle Rides. A special scavenger hunt was designed for local children and each participant was required to ride their bike through the ARTery of Downtown Pueblo to locate the  5 Peppermint Pigs living in the alleyways. Each child was given a peppermint wristband and each time they found a Pig, their band was punched. When all 5 were discovered they received a special Peppermint Pig button as a prize. 

The next phase of this project is the development of a clothing line and other collectibles which incorporate this lovable iconic image of Pueblo's Peppermint Pig. These retail items will be available for purchase in the very near future.