Recipient Japan Foreign Minister's Commendation - 2006

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For the past 40 years my passion for Japan has been at the core of my soul. It has been the driving force in my journey to discovery since my early days of learning about Japan from an enthusiastic elementary school teacher in Southern California to my Japanese Government assignment with the City of Yokohama in the International Design Section of the Urban Planning Department. My interests in art, architecture and design have been fueled and nurtured through my ongoing collaborative work with many of the great artists and creative minds of Japan.  Over the years, what has evolved is a unique and distinct voice which I call upon to share my own stories and the perspectives of others.

From 1993 to 2010,  my travel agency served as a powerful platform for sharing my love for Japan through custom crafted touring programs for major art museums, boards of directors, corporate incentives and a variety of school groups from elementary school to post graduate elective studies.  I used my voice and years of expertise to orchestrate the development of a travel program to meet the goals and objectives of my clients. In some cases my client would come to me with a very specific and focused vision to coincide with a forthcoming exhibition of Japanese masterworks and in other cases my client was interested in creating an itinerary that offered a general survey and overview of Japan for their first journey to Japan. In all cases, experts from a wide variety of fields were called to action in an effort to create a unique story of Japan reflecting the goals and objectives of my clients.

Whether you are an art organization or a family interested in exploring Japan on a whole new level, you need an expert to maneuver the unfamiliar territory of itinerary development. This has become even more essential with the ongoing strength of the Japanese yen making Japan appear even more expensive than it really is. The tragic events of March 2011 have also ushered in a whole new series of questions regarding safety now that we are beginning to understand what really happened at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. As a private and independent consultant, I continue to customize Private Journeys to Japan and look forward to making your next journey to Japan a success. 

To get you started visit my Insider Japan section where you will find sample itineraries from some of my favorite travel programs produced over the past twenty years for major art institutions and small groups. I have also included introductions to TOKYO, NAOSHIMA, and KYOTO which are excellent anchor cities to begin your own Private Journey to Japan.

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