Recipient of the Japan Foreign Minister’s Commendation | 2006
— His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince of Japan

Over the past 30 years I have had the great opportunity and privilege to share the nation of Japan with thousands of visitors from elementary school children on their first international journey as exchange students to European royalty on official business with some private travel moments. For over 20 years I have specialized in the history, arts and culture of Japan for major museums and other special interest groups and continue to dedicate a portion of my spring and fall for such endeavors.

To learn more, book a consultation and see how a journey to Japan balancing mind, body and spirit will give you a new perspective on life. I have included three special readings from my popular Japan Private Journeys podcast series below featuring Tokyo, Naoshima and Kyoto. Also don't miss two very special videos I produced on Japanese Ceramics with Robert Yellin and Contemporary Japanese Cuisine featuring Aronia de Takazawa in Tokyo.


Private Journeys is my unique brand of custom crafted consulting for the discerning traveler who demands excellence. I meet privately with clients to discuss their desires and begin the development process. In some cases, I work directly with my clients' own personal travel consultants or even with a tour operator or DMC (destination management company) to create the ideal touring program. My global network of experts are immediately called to action and we collaborate on all aspects of the project. I am not a seller of travel, but rather a seller of ideas. 

My consulting approach is plain and simple. I understand travel and from the initial meeting I determine the needs and desires of each client and answer some very important questions:



PROFILE - Who is traveling and where have you been before?
PURPOSE - Why are you traveling? R & R? Special occasion? Escape?
DESTINATION - Where are you going? Is this the first time?
DURATION - How much time do you have to travel?
SEASON - What time of year is your journey scheduled? 
MOVEMENT - How will you be traveling? Air, rail, car, ship, ferry, bicycle, foot?
BUDGET - How much do you want to spend?
LIMITATIONS - Do you have mobility issues or food restrictions?
INDEPENDENCE - Do you like to travel independently or with a guide?
INSURANCE - Do you have protection?

Once I have the answers to these basic questions, I use this client data to execute a comprehensive development program which takes the information and turns it into action.