Artist in Residency | K-12 Arts Education | Urban Laboratory | DBA: Doing Business as an Artist

Artists' Programs at the Shoe Factory are designed to support artists, the creative process, and the development of new ideas and new work. These programs provide opportunities for research, experimentation, professional development, and peer-to-peer exchange and ultimately aim to foster creative breakthroughs and new modes of working and thinking.

After one to three years of residency at the Shoe Factory artists are encouraged to establish their own independent creative enterprise in the heart of Downtown Pueblo and continue to connect with the community. 

The Shoe Factory is a member-supported art atelier where arts, education and community converge. We are conveniently located in downtown Pueblo on Central Plaza at City Center Drive (1st Street) and North Main. 

The founders of The Shoe Factory are artists, entrepreneurs and philanthropists. They have first-hand experience of the challenges that emerging and mid-career artists face as they develop their portfolios and build their careers. Their goal is to assist emerging artists as they take their professions to the next level and export the creative process to a broader community.