My first images of Russia as a child are the amazing athletes that often stood atop the podium and won the top medals in the winter and summer Olympic Games. This was followed by the Cold War and rhetoric...and more rhetoric. May Day parades each year at Red Square in central Moscow were designed to show the world that this powerful nation could fight and destroy the USA and the western world with just one push of a button. 

Russia also served a strategic role as a massive buffer nation on the eastern front of Europe, and the gateway to China and the rest of Asia. Severe winters which are forever glamorized in the film Dr. Zhivago are neutralized by locals with savory staples of the Russian diet: Vodka, piroghis and borsch soup - yum! Whether it’s the theater, symphony, or elegant ballets at the Bolshoi, Russia is home to world class performing artists. 

Moscow is known the world over for its iconic and celebrated buildings, such as St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Kremlin and GUM Department Store - all on Red Square anchored with Lenin's Tomb.


Tatler Club (Russian/European)
Mr Lee (Pan Asian)
Cherdak (Russian)
Bolshoi (Contemporary)
Art Cafe Galereya (Contemporary)
Bon (Contemporary)
Nobu Moscow (Japanese)
Ginkgo by Seiji (Japanese)
Lucien (Contemporary)
Kai (Seafood)
The Most (Contemporary)

Tatler Club, Mr Lee, Cherdak, Bolshoi, Art Cafe Galereya and Bon are all part of the Arkady Novikov restaurant empire. 


- Museums: Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the Armoury
- Red Square, Lenin's Tomb and the Kremlin
- St Basil's Cathedral and the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour
- GUM Department Store and the Shopping Arcades
- Moscow Subway System and Stations
- Bolshoi Theatre
- Old Arbat Street
- Russian Monastery: The Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius 
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