Is your website somewhere in the far reaches of the universe waiting for a spacecraft to fly by to see your message?

Does your presence on the internet need a serious make-over? Is your website like a billboard in space without any traffic? Do you have good content to share?

If you have something to say, you can optimize your authority by strategically integrating your message and utilizing social media networks to share your voice to a wider audience. The Facebook and Twitter platforms are so much more than just sharing your latest burp or social commentary on someone's bad hair or fashion sense. Take advantage of this powerful medium and get your word out now.

The first step to any makeover is a study of the core architecture or bones of your website. Gregory Howell will analyze and audit your current website to determine its strengths and weaknesses. Some key factors to elevating your authority in the eyes of the crawling algorithms is the age of your domain, strength of your blog(s), accurate keywords, effective social media integration, easy to read content with strong audio and visual components to reduce bounce rates, and a high number of links referring to your site. 

It really is all about content and what you have to say. Keep it simple and fun with user friendly navigation and you will be sure to receive Likes and Retweets on the road to viral sharing.

If you don't have a website or just want to start afresh, Gregory Howell can design a powerful and scale-able website architecture using Google Apps as a platform foundation and integrate social media streams for accelerating an effective inbound marketing plan. 
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Share your content. 
Tell your stories. 
Convert your visitors to loyal customers.
Start now. 
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