Projects designed to make the everyday extraordinary.

What does the urban future look like in your community? Are you interested in urban planning, sustainable development and urban economics? In Pueblo, Colorado a diverse group of individuals and organizations are looking at issues such as transportation, building practices, community planning & development, arts, education, water, health and infrastructure. We hope to create a community where people can get involved and learn about the advances in how cities are becoming smarter, greener and more creative in the 21st century.

Pueblo is and always has been a city at the crossroads where people and ideas converge in a powerful display of creative genius. Since its earliest days, the citizens of Pueblo have brought to the fabric of the community a long tradition of exploration, discovery and self-expression. The region has been at the epicenter of opportunity in Southern Colorado since the early 1840s when the early settlers built the El Pueblo Fort for trading and commerce. The Arkansas River in Pueblo has been the international boundary with France, Spain, Mexico, and the Republic of Texas, making it a true frontier region in the southwest where everyday is extraordinary. 

when you collaborate, you create inclusion.
— Gregory Howell | 2015 Independent Inclusion Awards