A Celebration of the Arts in Southern Colorado

In December 2016 Kadoya Gallery will mark four years of showcasing creative genius in the visual and performing arts. As part of this celebration, a special catalogue is currently in development and scheduled for release this December at the closing of Kadoya Gallery on Central Plaza in Downtown Pueblo. 

2013 schedule

Michael Strescino
Shane Jarrett
Bristol Mac Donald
Lisa Bailey
Robert Gaines
Nicki Hart
SCWS | Signature Show
Lynn Stenzel
Kim Faiella
Kellie Cason-O'Connor
Karen Wallace
Rick Morris
Bonnie Waugh
Pueblo Modern with Hannah Haley
Louisa L. Hansen
Ivy Cartier
Sarah Ryder


Mathias 'Mo' Valdez
Cathy Valenzuela
Randy Wix
Raúl Sosa
Brenda Sell
Kathleen Murray
Carol Farren
Jan Steers
Nina Cravens-Fry
June Galaz
Gary Morgan
Sally Lincoln
Industrial | Photography Exhibition
Rodney Wood
Bob Benvenuto
SCWS | Signature Show
Paige Vercelline
Teresa Vito
Bonnie Waugh
Kim Faiella-Furrh
Sally Lincoln
Kellie Cason-O'Connor
Shawn Vidmar


Jim Richerson
Tünde Darvay
Gabriel Pacheco
Lyle + Lyle Clift
Nina Cravens-Fry
Exhibition | Threading Labor
Sophie Healey
Pueblo in the Nude
Justin S. Reddick
SCWS | Signature Show
Jim M. Starkey
Gary Morgan
The Exhibitionists


Bob Benvenuto
Kevin Malella
Exhibition | Konverge
Jean Latka
The Poet Spiel
Danielle Harwell
Pueblo Modern Returns
Darien Bogart
Anne Scott